Anyone, Anywhere, Completely free!




It can be used freely anywhere, regardless of individual / company.

No limit

No limit


All features are 100% available without ad popups, feature limits, and affiliate programs.

Completely free

Completely free


It is a freeware program that does not have a paid version, it is completely free of all features.

Only essential functions, simply

WhiteCapture seeks comfort rather than convenience.

Create hotkeys

Without the need to manually turn on the program, you can just capture of the PC using keyboard shortcuts.

The easiest action

We implemented a simpler capture in such a way that the capture type changes depending on the behavior.

Photo floating

Capture photos are automatically floating on the screen and can be used as an overlay tool.

Hi-DPI support

Supports high-DPI monitors using the .NET Framework 4.7. (Excluding some windows)

Draw on picture

You can use the Pen / Straight / Rectangle tools to make simple displays on your captured photos.

Exact feedback

You can contact the developer directly via email, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Please read the conditions below before downloading.


Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Must be Windows 7 or later.
32 bit / 64 bit common use.

Secure file.

Although a browser or Windows alert may pop up immediately after an update, it does not mean that the file is dangerous.

Required capacity

5MB (main program capacity 2MB) The installation program is about 3MB, and the files after installation are also about 3MB total.

Representative reviews.

This are reviews of Naver software and email feedback.
(This paragraph use Google translation)

“So good! Thank you for making this program even though it doesn't have any ads.”

fren**** Naver Software

“"Shortcut key designation, convenience of storage path specification, program optimization, etc." This program is I always wanted.”

yeom**** Email feedback

“I installed it today and it looks really good !! Clean and convenient. I hope the business comes on well.”

naye**** Naver Software

“I sent an e-mail because I can use a good program. Thank you so much for making nice software.”

rkft**** Email feedback

“First of all, The developer is very enthusiastic about your program. I was really impressed by the way the developer were trying to apply feedback on improvements.”

aeky**** Naver Software

“I hope it will become more popular and others use this program a lot.”

dy_t**** Email feedback

Contact us

You can contact us about the Whitecapture.